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Apple Developers

Choose file of type application?
MacScripter 7 hours ago

How can I move contents of folders to a path that shares the same name
MacScripter 9 hours ago

Duplicating an Item
MacScripter 11 hours ago

can't get first, or any other, item from a record
MacScripter 15 hours ago

figuring out distances between lines
MacScripter 1 day ago

IBM announces next implementation of Apple’s Swift developer language
9 to 5 Mac 1 day ago

MGG 624: Sierra, APFS, Wi-Fi and Personal Servers
The Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab 1 day ago

Some success adding drop shadows in Quark but it's missing some images
MacScripter 3 days ago

Adding Finder tags
MacScripter 3 days ago

So... did anything happen with Applescript in Sierra?
MacScripter 3 days ago

Selecting only 2pt rules
MacScripter 3 days ago

MacScripter 3 days ago

Is it possible to invoke a powershell script on a PC from Mac
MacScripter 3 days ago

Dealing with Auto-Size and Anchor objects (Text Frames)
MacScripter 3 days ago

3 strikes against the public cloud
InfoWorld Strategic Developer 4 days ago

Save an image from Safari
MacScripter 5 days ago

Apple releases new developer betas of macOS Sierra, iOS, watchOS, and tvOS
MacNews Latest News 5 days ago

Apple releases iOS 10.1 and watchOS 3.1 betas to developers
MacDailyNews 5 days ago

Apple releases iOS 10.1 and watchOS 3.1 beta seeds for developers (tvOS 10.0.1 too)
9 to 5 Mac 5 days ago

Apple issues first macOS 10.12.1 + Xcode 8.1 developer betas
9 to 5 Mac 5 days ago

Dialog Textfield in sevice returns button text instead text entered?
MacScripter 5 days ago

url check fails
MacScripter 5 days ago

Curl and awk with AppleScript
MacScripter 5 days ago

Apple macOS Sierra - PC Magazine
MacScripter 6 days ago

kAXVisibleChildrenAttribute within GUI Scripting?
MacScripter 6 days ago

What appears in Opera address field is different than actual url
MacScripter 6 days ago

Applescript to copy mail from one account to another
MacScripter 7 days ago

Get Url from current tab
MacScripter 7 days ago

Oracle plans two major Java EE upgrades for the cloud
JavaWorld - News & Views 7 days ago

When Pages become Script Editor
MacScripter 8 days ago

MGG 623: macOS Sierra Tips and Tricks and More!
The Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab 8 days ago

Objective c to AppleScript Objective C
MacScripter 9 days ago

AppleScript UI Scripting Slow?
MacScripter 9 days ago

InDesign 6 - How to identify unrepresented unicode character?
MacScripter 10 days ago

Node.js upgrades module safety and ECMAscript support
JavaWorld - News & Views 10 days ago

Capture One - Getting full list of collections.
MacScripter 10 days ago

unlock a locked file
MacScripter 10 days ago

Apple Releases Second Golden Master of macOS Sierra for Developers
MacRumors 11 days ago

Blue Ocean UI for Jenkins surfaces better info for dev teams
JavaWorld - News & Views 11 days ago

Untangle your relationships with graph analysis
InfoWorld Strategic Developer 11 days ago

Finder and «class furl»
MacScripter 11 days ago

Can I pass CSV data to multiple Applescripts?
MacScripter 12 days ago

Java 9 could be delayed until July 2017
JavaWorld - News & Views 12 days ago

Challenger nudges Java, Node.js for Swift app dev
JavaWorld - News & Views 13 days ago

Modify script to output an RTF text file
MacScripter 14 days ago

Using grep & regex for pattern matching in CSV lines
MacScripter 14 days ago

Applescript and Javascript and single quote (apostrophe)
MacScripter 14 days ago

MGG 622 – Cool Stuff Found & Media Management Holy Grail
The Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab 15 days ago

Macのエディタに音声書き起こし用のショートカットキーを追加する - SecurityInsight
MacScripter 16 days ago

How to get podcasting right - Business MattersBusiness Matters
MacScripter 16 days ago

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