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Apple Developers

MGG 646: How do I choose a UPS?
The Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab 7 hours ago

help in renaming an excel worksheet via applescript.
MacScripter 19 hours ago

Using sed to search and replace literal text?
MacScripter 23 hours ago

Change elements dynamically using Shane's Dialog Toolkit?
MacScripter 1 day ago

Always force AppleScript app dialog windows to top?
MacScripter 1 day ago

翻墙问答:电脑可变窃听工具勿开不明来历Word档 - 自由亚洲电台
MacScripter 1 day ago

Oracle preps developers for Java 9 upgrade - Network World
MacScripter 1 day ago

Changing Object Colours with Applescript
MacScripter 2 days ago

Applescipt find in Filemaker 13 not working
MacScripter 3 days ago

Opening a remote location in finder
MacScripter 3 days ago

Parsing text in Applescript
MacScripter 3 days ago

Mute a tab in Safari
MacScripter 3 days ago

Change folder in "open file" dialog
MacScripter 4 days ago

Customize voice to announce time
MacScripter 5 days ago

Java and Python FTP attacks can punch holes through firewalls
JavaWorld - News & Views 5 days ago

AppleScript crashing Photoshop CS5
MacScripter 6 days ago

Apple releases new iOS, tvOS, watchOS developer betas
MacNews Latest News 6 days ago

Apple releases third beta of iOS 10.3 with 'Find my AirPods,' tvOS 10.2, watchOS 3.2 for developers
AppleInsider 6 days ago

Apple-issued developer certificate expires, causing crashes in 1Password and other apps
AppleInsider 6 days ago

1Password & other Mac apps failing to launch due to expired Apple developer certificates
9 to 5 Mac 6 days ago

MGG 645: Don't Fear The Wi-Fi
The Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab 7 days ago

Swift application to invoke finder
MacScripter 7 days ago

SmallCubed SigPro - iLounge
MacScripter 7 days ago

The Week in Apple News: WWDC dates announced, Apple’s original TV shows, the future of Apple TV, and more
Macworld News 8 days ago

SmallCubed SigPro | iLounge + Mac - iLounge
MacScripter 8 days ago

Oracle preps developers for Java 9 upgrade - Techworld Australia
MacScripter 8 days ago

How to remove duplicate songs in iTunes with macOS and third-party apps - 9 to 5 Mac
MacScripter 8 days ago

AppleScript for checking and acting on ring events
MacScripter 8 days ago

Recursively remove spaces from filenames in directory
MacScripter 9 days ago

Apple announces WWDC dates, changes venue to San Jose location
O'Grady's PowerPage 9 days ago

Apple WWDC 2017 Starts On June 5: Details On Date, Location, Price, And Registration Now Official
Tech Times 9 days ago

Oracle preps developers for Java 9 upgrade
JavaWorld - News & Views 9 days ago

Move file into its own folder
MacScripter 10 days ago

San Francisco loses Apple’s developer conference to San Jose
MacDailyNews 10 days ago

Rename files with its folder name
MacScripter 10 days ago

Sort sub-routine not working
MacScripter 10 days ago

WWDC 2017: Apple announces developer conference to take place in San Jose on 5 June
Most recent News - VNU 10 days ago

Apple's WWDC 2017 art borrows design concept from 2010 Spanish film festival [u]
AppleInsider 10 days ago

Apple’s WWDC returns to San Jose, runs June 5-9, 2017
MacDailyNews 10 days ago

2017 Apple WWDC to be held June 5-9
MacNews Latest News 10 days ago

Apple’s 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference starts June 5, costs $1,599
Ars Technica 10 days ago

WWDC dates announced: Apple is moving its annual conference to San Jose in June
Macworld Top Stories 10 days ago

Apple Announces WWDC 2017 Takes Place June 5-9 in San Jose
MacRumors 10 days ago

Apple will ditch San Fran for San Jose for WWDC 2017 - CNET
CNET 10 days ago

Apple Announces WWDC 2017, To Be Held in San Jose On June 5-9
Slashdot 10 days ago

∞ Apple brings WWDC back to San Jose in 2017
The Loop 10 days ago

Apple's WWDC 2017 returns to San Jose June 5-9, registration begins March 27
AppleInsider 10 days ago

Apple announces WWDC 2017: June 5th – 9th, held at San Jose McEnery Convention Center
9 to 5 Mac 10 days ago

6 reasons stores can't give you real-time offers (yet)
InfoWorld Strategic Developer 10 days ago

Remove line breaks
MacScripter 10 days ago

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