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Apple Developers

Script That Uses Preview To Adjust Size
MacScripter 58 days ago

Can someone please help me with a script?
MacScripter 58 days ago

MGG 572: Cool Stuff Found, El Capitan Tips, Networks & More
The Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab 59 days ago

Grouping objects in Adobe Illustrator
MacScripter 59 days ago

Application is not allowed assistive access even after giving it.
MacScripter 60 days ago

Drop Folder on App: Sort Contents: Make MOV
MacScripter 61 days ago

Slow script to get file names
MacScripter 61 days ago

6 takeaways from Cloudera's embrace of Spark
InfoWorld Strategic Developer 61 days ago

Java 9 module plan picks up a packager
JavaWorld - News & Views 61 days ago

Setting the number of rows or columns of a radio button in xcode
MacScripter 61 days ago

Applescript to Insert Two Lines On Text Into IPTC Special Insructions
MacScripter 61 days ago

How could I change the images folder of the screen saver with AS ?
MacScripter 61 days ago

merge same pdf to multiple other pdfs
MacScripter 61 days ago

PDF to the same folder
MacScripter 61 days ago

Service How to use current page url in Safari as variable?
MacScripter 61 days ago

GUI scripting with Garageband X- Can't identify button
MacScripter 62 days ago

App Thinning feature of iOS 9 delayed due to issues
MacNN | developer News 62 days ago

Duplicate picture box
MacScripter 62 days ago

Get Files Whose Displayed Name Contains Even/Odd Numerals
MacScripter 62 days ago

Match pic file from one folder with text file from another folder
MacScripter 62 days ago

Apple to begin providing better Xcode development tool hosting for Chinese developers in wake of XcodeGhost incident
O'Grady's PowerPage 62 days ago

Hadoop is slowly eating conventional analytics
InfoWorld Strategic Developer 62 days ago

Apple issues second betas of iOS 9.1, tvOS, Xcode 7.1 to developers
AppleInsider 63 days ago

Apple Alerts Developers about Xcode Downloads
TidBITS 63 days ago

Apple releases second beta version of iOS 9.1 to developers
9 to 5 Mac 63 days ago

Apple to offer domestic downloads of Xcode for developers in China
MacDailyNews 63 days ago

Adding Internet-Passwords to Keychain by invoking security
MacScripter 64 days ago

Apple tells developers how to validate their version of Xcode
MacNews Latest News 64 days ago

After China malware infiltration, Apple helps developers ensure their Xcode install is legitimate
AppleInsider 64 days ago

Apple Outlines Steps for Developers to Validate Xcode Following Malware Attack
MacRumors 64 days ago

Test String against Regex using NSRegularExpression
MacScripter 64 days ago

Apple provides $3 refunds to all Peace ad blocker users
MacNN | developer News 64 days ago

Comparing modification dates of files within different folders
MacScripter 64 days ago

10.11: System Events got an error: Application isn’t running. (-600)
MacScripter 64 days ago

Drag & Drop Folder to Applescript to Delete Files in Subfolders
MacScripter 65 days ago

Developer lists Apple TV unit for sale on eBay, bids now topping $1,000
GeekWire 65 days ago

Converting Text number with prefix into numbers
MacScripter 65 days ago

Developer eBays Apple TV 4 development kit, claims loophole in Apple’s no-resale terms
9 to 5 Mac 65 days ago

Progress bar in OS 10.9. – it's possible?
MacScripter 65 days ago

File sorting in the Finder
MacScripter 66 days ago

MGG 571: Not #HotDebateGuy, Just Geeks Answering Your Questions
The Mac Observer's Mac Geek Gab 66 days ago

Automatic Email response + adding content to numbers.
MacScripter 66 days ago

Ghost in the Machine: Apple, Developers Unwittingly Aid App Store Malware
DailyTech 67 days ago

Check disk space
MacScripter 67 days ago

Developer Marco Arment pulls iOS 9 ad blocking 'Peace' from App Store
MacNN | developer News 68 days ago

Apple Now Requires Apple TV Game Developers To Support Siri Touchpad Remote
Tech Times 68 days ago

Developers Now Receiving Apple TV Units for App Testing Purposes
MacRumors 69 days ago

Apple releases first OS X 10.11.1 beta to developers with build 15B17c
9 to 5 Mac 69 days ago

Apple supplies first OS X 10.11.1 beta to developers
AppleInsider 69 days ago

Getting values from FileMaker to Xcode Project
MacScripter 69 days ago

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