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Apple iPad News

Notes on Blindness VR (for iPad)
PC Mag: New Product Reviews 5 days ago

Google Maps gets location sharing for Apple's iPhone & iPad
AppleInsider 5 days ago

Newly announced iPad coming 'next week' to Apple stores, other retail establishments
AppleInsider 5 days ago

Apple hopes cheap, not powerful, will turn around iPad sales
Engadget 5 days ago

Geared Up: Apple tweaks iPad lineup, unveils new Clips app, and introduces Red iPhone
GeekWire 5 days ago

The new low-cost iPad is further evidence of Apple’s new approach to pricing
MacDailyNews 5 days ago

Apple Unveils Budget-Friendly iPad, Dresses iPhone in Red
TechNewsWorld 5 days ago

Apple Delivers a New iPad With Less Hype - AAPL 5 days ago

iTunes 12.6 update will let you watch your iTunes movie rentals across your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV
Macworld News 5 days ago

Apple’s answer to cheap Chromebook test machines: The new $299 iPad, tailor-made for education
MacDailyNews 5 days ago

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review: Android's best foe to the iPad Pro
The Verge 5 days ago

How Samsung’s New Galaxy Tablet Compares to the iPad Pro
TIME: Top Stories 5 days ago

Logitech Reveals New Education-Focused Accessories For 9.7-Inch iPad
Tech Times 5 days ago

What's Going On With Apple Inc.'s iPad Pro? - AAPL 5 days ago

iOS 10.3 beta hints at more fluid Apple Pencil with next-gen iPad Pro models
AppleInsider 5 days ago

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review: This great iPad Pro competitor is worth $600
VentureBeat 6 days ago

Samsung's New iPad Pro Is Just Fantastic
Gizmodo 6 days ago

I tried Samsung’s Android answer to the iPad Pro — here’s what it’s like
Business Insider: Tech 6 days ago

iOS 10.3 betas contain code that support idea of 10.5-inch iPad with faster refresh rates
9 to 5 Mac 6 days ago

Apple unveils new 9.7in iPad, as well as red iPhone 7 Latest updates 6 days ago

Apple announces updated iPad Air, iPad mini units, will go on sale this Friday
O'Grady's PowerPage 6 days ago

Apple iPad – New Faster Processor and More Fun
DailyTech 6 days ago

Which iPad is best for you? iPad mini 2 vs iPad mini 4 vs iPad Air 2 vs new iPad 9.7 vs iPad Pro 9.7 vs iPad Pro 12.9
Pocket-lint : Latest News 6 days ago

Cisco's 'Spark' board is basically a giant iPad, but it makes sense
Mashable! 6 days ago

One more thing: Why Apple could still launch a new iPad Pro at Apple Park in April
Macworld Top Stories 6 days ago

Apple unveils 9.7in iPad with A9 internals and a red iPhone
VNU Business: Hardware Reviews 6 days ago

Apple’s cheap iPad is tailor-made for education
Mashable! 6 days ago

Logitech’s ‘Rugged Combo’ keyboard case for iPad looks like it can take a bashing
Digital Trends 6 days ago

Apple announces new 9.7-inch iPad
DigiTimes: IT news from Asia 6 days ago

New iPad revealed. World yawns, rolls over and goes back to sleep
The Register 6 days ago

Apple Launches New 9.7-Inch iPad At $329 To Replace iPad Air 2: What Does The New Model Bring?
Tech Times 6 days ago

Apple announcements video recap: Red iPhone 7, $329 iPad, Nike bands, and more
9 to 5 Mac 6 days ago

Apple revamps regular 9.7-inch iPad
Insanely Great Mac 6 days ago

Trump administration bans iPads, laptops and other devices in cabin on flights from certain Middle Eastern airports; Britain follows suit
MacDailyNews 6 days ago

There are too many damn iPads to choose from now
Mashable! 6 days ago

Apple Replaces iPad Air 2 with New 9.7-inch iPad
TidBITS 6 days ago

Remains of the Day: Apple Quietly Updates the iPad
Lifehacker: Tech 6 days ago

Video recap: Apple launches new low-cost iPad, (Product)Red iPhone 7
AppleInsider 6 days ago

iPad Pro, iPad, and iPad mini 4: What are the differences?
Macworld News 6 days ago

Show Notes: It’s more like an updated iPad Air 1
The Verge 6 days ago

Logitech Rugged Combo case and keyboard launches for 9.7 iPad
SlashGear 6 days ago

Apple goes back to basics with new ‘iPad,’ iPhone 7 gets new (RED) treatment
Digital Trends 6 days ago

Apple axes iPad Mini 2
MacDailyNews 6 days ago

iPad Pro, iPad, and iPad mini 4: What are the differences?
Macworld Top Stories 6 days ago

The new iPad is coming at a time when Apple's tablet business is shrinking (AAPL)
Business Insider: Tech 6 days ago

Why Apple announced its new, low-priced iPad with such little fanfare
MacDailyNews 6 days ago

Apple Inc.’s Cheap iPad Looks Like a Winner - AAPL 6 days ago

Apple halts new iPad mini 2 sales, raising entry price barrier on iPads
AppleInsider 6 days ago

New Apple 9.7-inch iPad aimed squarely at iPad 2 owners looking to affordably upgrade
AppleInsider 6 days ago

Apple's cheaper, faster iPad: Do you care? (The 3:59, Ep. 197) - CNET
CNET 6 days ago

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