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Apple iPad News

Microsoft sets Office free on iPhone, iPad with Android preview and Windows touch version in tow
GigaOM 19 days ago

Microsoft Office now free for iPad, iPhone, Android
OSNews 19 days ago

Microsoft sets Office free on iPhone, iPad with Android preview and Windows touch version in tow
jkOnTheRun 19 days ago

Microsoft releases Office apps for iPhones, iPads
San Jose Mercury Tech Notebook 19 days ago

You can use Microsoft Office for free on your iPhone or iPad starting right now
Boy Genius Report 19 days ago

Microsoft refreshes Office for iPad, iPhone; more features now free for consumers
ZDNet Latest News 19 days ago

Microsoft makes Office for iPad free to use, starts testing Android tablet version
Engadget 19 days ago

CNN anchor denies using a Microsoft Surface as an iPad stand
Cult of Mac 19 days ago

CNN Anchors Caught On Camera Using Microsoft Surface As an iPad Stand
Slashdot 19 days ago

‘WireLurker’ malware targeting iPhones and iPads marks ‘new era’ in iOS attacks
Digital Trends 19 days ago

Resolve Apple IPad Bugs With IOS 8.1
The Inquisitr 19 days ago

Surface Pro 3 used as iPad stands by CNN commentators
SlashGear 20 days ago

Pixelmator for iPad [Sponsor]
The Loop 20 days ago

CNN Anchors Use Surface 3 as $800 Kickstands for iPads During Election Coverage
DailyTech 20 days ago

Apple Won’t Drop the iPad mini Next Year, No Matter What You Heard
The Mac Observer 20 days ago

Microsoft Surface used as iPad kickstand on CNN, live
Gearlog 20 days ago

CNN Election Commentators Caught Using Microsoft Surface as iPad Stands
Mac|LIfe News 20 days ago

CNN Anchors Caught On Camera Using Microsoft Surface As An iPad Stand 20 days ago

CNN Election Night anchors use Microsoft Surface tablets as iPad kickstands while on the air
Tech Times 20 days ago

Microsoft's TV product placement horror: CNN mistakes Surface tabs for iPAD STANDS
The Register 20 days ago

Microsoft's Surface Pro stunt fails as CNN election commentators stick to iPads
AppleInsider 20 days ago

CNN commentators use Microsoft Surface as kickstand for iPads
CNET 20 days ago

CNN Anchors Propped Up Their iPads With Surface Pro 3 Tablets During Election Night Coverage
Business Insider: Tech 20 days ago

You May Not Need An iPad Air 2, But You’re Gonna Want One
The Mac Observer 20 days ago

Busted! Surface tablets used as iPad stands during CNN election coverage
Mashable! 20 days ago

CNN election commentators use Microsoft Surface – to hide the Apple iPads they’re actually using
MacDailyNews 20 days ago

Microsoft Surface loses on election night as CNN commentators use it as iPad kickstand
The Verge 20 days ago

One gold Apple Watch reportedly costs more than 10 new iPads
Mashable! 20 days ago

7 iPad Alternatives to Use in the Classroom
TechFresh 20 days ago

CNN Discovers Promotional Surface Pros Make Fantastic iPad Stands
Gizmodo 20 days ago

Microsoft Surface product placement in CNN election coverage fails as iPads revealed behind them
9 to 5 Mac 20 days ago

CNN gets caught using Microsoft Surface as iPad kickstand
Cult of Mac 20 days ago

What Chip Will Power the Apple Inc. iPad Pro? - AAPL 20 days ago

Fortune reviews Apple’s new iPad Air 2: Best for work, not play; shines as a PC replacement
MacDailyNews 20 days ago

CleanMyPhone 2.0 - Keep your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch clean and well-organized. (Shareware)
MacUpdate - Latest Updates 20 days ago

CNN commentator ignores free Surface Pro 3 tablets, uses iPad instead
The Loop 20 days ago

Microsoft gives CNN commentators Surface tablets for election coverage, but some still use iPad
GeekWire 21 days ago

Jailbreak iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2 or any other iOS 8 device very easily
Tech Times 21 days ago

50 of our favorite Retina-ready iPad Mini cases and covers
Digital Trends 21 days ago

Hands On: Griffin Survivor Slim for iPad Air 2
MacNN 21 days ago

Teardown Of The iPad Air 2 Reveals How Much Apple Spends On Parts
Business Insider: Tech 21 days ago

iOS 8.1.1 to address iPhone 4s and iPad 2 performance issues
MacDailyNews 21 days ago

65 impressive cases and covers for iPad Air 2, and every iPad before it
Digital Trends 21 days ago

iOS 8.1.1 said to address iPhone 4S and iPad 2 performance problems
Ars Technica 21 days ago

Claimed prototype of iPad mini 2 goes on sale on eBay with starting bid of $5000
9 to 5 Mac 21 days ago

REPORT: Apple May Kill The iPad Mini (APPL)
Business Insider: Tech 22 days ago

Apple to discontinue iPad mini, add larger 12.2-inch iPad Pro to iPad family – report
MacDailyNews 22 days ago

Seriously, for real this time, the 12in MaxiPad is TOTALLY on the way ...
The Register 22 days ago

Sketchy Report Claims Apple May Discontinue iPad Mini to Focus on 'iPad Pro'
MacRumors 22 days ago

Gazelle launches certified preowned store specializing in quality used Apple iPhones & iPads
AppleInsider 22 days ago

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