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Apple Rumors

Apple Laptop Overhaul Coming With 2016 MacBook Pro, But Not At iPhone Event In September: Report
Tech Times 14 days ago

Apple just received a patent for a ‘war situation’ vehicle device
MacDailyNews 14 days ago

New Apple Product Category Could Launch Next Year As Health-Focused Wearable, But Not An Apple Watch
Tech Times 14 days ago

Apple's First Vehicle-Related Patent Is A Surprise: A Steering Device That Could Be Used In Military Trucks
Tech Times 15 days ago

Apple might finally make Samsung’s edge displays useful
Boy Genius Report 15 days ago

Intel, Apple Add to Artificial-Intelligence Deal Wave WSJD 15 days ago

Rumor: Apple not offering music downloads (as in sales) in South Korea
Apple World Today 15 days ago

Apple just received a patent for a 'war situation' device
CNN/Money 15 days ago

Apple just received a patent for a 'war situation' device
Technology news - 15 days ago

Apple’s new curved-screen phone patent takes a page from Samsung’s Edge series
Digital Trends 15 days ago

Apple is squeezing suppliers to keep its profits high, says analyst (AAPL)
Business Insider: Tech 15 days ago

Leaked Apple patent shows designs for tank-like steering system
Mashable! 15 days ago

Apple Pressuring iPhone Component Suppliers For Price Cuts
Investor's Business Daily - Technology 15 days ago

Apple granted their first vehicle-related patent
MacDailyNews 15 days ago

Apple has its first vehicle patent, and uh that doesn’t look like a car
Boy Genius Report 15 days ago

Apple crashes Samsung’s expensive Olympics party
MacDailyNews 15 days ago

Apple Likely Pressuring Suppliers on Price, Says RBC; Broadcom, ADI Best Positioned
Barron's Tech Trader Daily 15 days ago

Apple granted patent for Samsung Edge-style virtual buttons on curved glass sidewall
9 to 5 Mac 15 days ago

Apple’s First Vehicle-Related Patent Is For a Bendy Bus With Tank Treads?
Gizmodo 15 days ago

Apple awarded first vehicle-related patent, but it’s an odd one …
9 to 5 Mac 15 days ago

Rumor: Apple working on entirely new, advanced health-tracking hardware for 2017 launch
AppleInsider 15 days ago

Apple: Sales of Suppliers Beating Averages as ‘iPhone 7′ Ramps, Says Drexel
Barron's Tech Trader Daily 15 days ago

Samsung---s Galaxy Note 7 could be its best chance to take a bite out of Apple's users
CNBC: Top News 16 days ago

How much is good design worth? The US Supreme Court will decide in a case that pits Apple against Samsung
Quartz 16 days ago

Rumor: Next-gen Apple Watch to be released in 2016, see assortment of internal component improvements
O'Grady's PowerPage 16 days ago

Why Apple will become a leader in artificial intelligence
MacDailyNews 16 days ago

The latest rumors about the ‘iPhone 7’ and ‘Apple Watch 2’ (and my take on them)
Apple World Today 16 days ago

Catch up on all the Apple Watch 2 rumors and news
Digital Trends 16 days ago

Apple Buys Turi Artificial Intelligence Start Up: ‘One Of Apple’s Biggest Steps Forward’ In AI
The Inquisitr 18 days ago

Apple Spends $200M To Acquire Seattle-Based Turi, Boosts Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Capabilities
Tech Times 19 days ago

Rumor: Apple shifting TV efforts towards creating overarching guide, looks to make others’ content easily accessible
O'Grady's PowerPage 19 days ago

Samsung patent caught using Apple Watch figures in descriptions
O'Grady's PowerPage 19 days ago

Apple is buying a Seattle-area startup to get smarter about artificial intelligence
Re/code 19 days ago

Patent drawings prove that Samsung is just straight-up copying Apple now
Boy Genius Report 19 days ago

Apple just spent $200 million for more artificial intelligence (AAPL)
Business Insider: Finance 19 days ago

Apple sued over iPhone proximity sensor in new patent troll lawsuit
MacDailyNews 19 days ago

Another patent troll targets Apple in lawsuit
The Loop 19 days ago

Apple vs Samsung Wars: More Than 100 Leading Designers File Amicus Briefing Siding With Apple
Tech Times 19 days ago

Patent trollin’: 511 Innovations sues Apple for, of course, patent infringement
Apple World Today 19 days ago

Apple Sued Over iPhone's Proximity Sensor in New Patent Troll Lawsuit
MacRumors 19 days ago

Samsung wearable patent filing used Apple Watch pictures
Most recent News - VNU 19 days ago

Samsung seemingly attempting to patent … the Apple Watch
9 to 5 Mac 19 days ago

Samsung Accidentally Invented the Apple Watch
Gizmodo 19 days ago

Rumor: Apple is developing wireless earbuds with a low-power Bluetooth chip
Apple World Today 19 days ago

Apple iPhones' 'Bulletproof' Security Drubs Samsung In BYOD Battle
Investor's Business Daily - Technology 19 days ago

Samsung’s patent application for smartwatch straps includes drawings of the Apple Watch
MacDailyNews 19 days ago

AppleInsider podcast talks 'iPhone 7,' beta updates, Mobile Passport, more
AppleInsider 19 days ago

Samsung filed patent for wearables that used sketches of Apple Watch Latest updates 19 days ago

Apple Wins Famed Designers' Support in Samsung Battle WSJD 20 days ago

More than 100 design experts support Apple in patent dispute with Samsung
Digital Trends 20 days ago

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