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Mac vs. PC

Apple Watch market share fell to almost half in Q1 2016
SlashGear 2 hours ago

'Apple Beats Microsoft at Their Own Game' Says IDC, As iPad Pro Gains on Microsoft Surface Technology News 12 hours ago

Apple’s profit during ‘horrible’ quarter exceeds combined earnings of Alphabet, Facebook, and Microsoft
MacDailyNews 16 hours ago

IDC: Apple beats Microsoft at its own game (the detachable tablet market)
Apple World Today 21 hours ago

Apple Inc.'s Latest Product is a Shot at Microsoft - AAPL 1 day ago

Microsoft appears to be copying Apple's 2014 Continuity Handoff feature for Windows PCs
AppleInsider 2 days ago

Apple is going a totally different direction than Microsoft and Google (AAPL, MSFT, GOOG)
Business Insider: Tech 3 days ago

Newsletter Issue #856: Did Google and Microsoft Pave the Way for Apple’s Financials?
The Mac Night Owl-blog 4 days ago

CIRP: Apple’s U.S. mobile market share climbed from 28% to 40% YOY
MacDailyNews 7 days ago

Groups representing Google, Netflix, Microsoft, and Apple are slamming the latest bill that aims to limit tech security (AAPL, GOOG, FB, MSFT)
Business Insider: Tech 8 days ago

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and others express ‘deep concerns’ over controversial encryption bill
The Verge 9 days ago

Apple, Microsoft, IBM have billions stashed offshore, Oxfam says
CBC | Tech & Science 14 days ago

Apple Dominates Android's Market Share Of Teenage Power Technology News 15 days ago

Is Apple Going To Challenge Microsoft HoloLens In Augmented Reality Market?
The Inquisitr 16 days ago

Apple’s aging Mac Pro is falling way behind Windows rivals
MacDailyNews 16 days ago

Facebook, Microsoft, Apple Say They Offer Equal Pay
Techland - Time 16 days ago

IDC: Apple Mac moves up to 4th place in worldwide PC market share; continues to outperform the market
MacDailyNews 16 days ago

Apple grows to 7.4% of worldwide PC market as Windows continues to cede share to the Mac
AppleInsider 17 days ago

Tablets Big And Powerful Enough To Replace Your Laptop (Or Not): Apple iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy TabPro S, Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Tech Times 17 days ago

Apple's iPhone Market Share Showing Typical Seasonality Technology News 19 days ago

Apple's iPhone Market Share Showing Typical Seasonality 19 days ago

Android Circuit: Google Beats Apple, Galaxy S7 Saves Samsung, Microsoft's Android Ambitions Technology News 20 days ago

Apple, Google and Microsoft back EPA's emissions strategy
Engadget 26 days ago

36 years ago, Microsoft became a hardware company by making a device for the Apple II
Business Insider: Tech 26 days ago

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon back EPA in challenge of clean energy rules
The Verge 27 days ago

Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon support clean power plan in court filing
Apple World Today 27 days ago

Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon voice support for Obama’s Clean Power Plan
VentureBeat 27 days ago

Does Microsoft’s Windows 10 Bash Shell hurt Apple?
MacDailyNews 28 days ago

Apple launches the best iPad ever and Microsoft dreams of bots
The Verge 28 days ago

Apple matches Microsoft's NFL deal by giving Major League Baseball coaches iPads (AAPL, MSFT)
Business Insider: Tech 29 days ago

As Apple battles the FBI, Microsoft just created a special government version of Windows 10 for China
Boy Genius Report 31 days ago

As Apple refuses to make ‘GovtOS’ for U.S. government, Microsoft already wrote one for China
MacDailyNews 31 days ago

Microsoft is becoming an Apple iPad Pro accessory
MacDailyNews 34 days ago

PCWorld Show Episode 9: Apple's PC diss, Intel's tick-tock retirement, Microsoft's creepy AI
Today @ PC World 35 days ago

Apple is presenting Microsoft Office 365 as an iPad Pro add-on
Cult of Mac 35 days ago

Apple should be pushing its iWork apps instead of Microsoft Office 363 for the iPad Pro
Apple World Today 35 days ago

Apple is selling Microsoft Office 365 as an accessory for the iPad Pro
The Verge 36 days ago

Most Americans trust Apple with their data (but not anymore than Google, Amazon, and Microsoft)
Apple World Today 36 days ago

PCWorld Show Episode 9: Apple's PC diss, Intel's tick-tock retirement, Microsoft's creepy AI
Macworld News 37 days ago

Despite big branding push, Apple is about as trusted on privacy as Google and Microsoft
Boy Genius Report 37 days ago

The Microsoft versus Apple rivalry is back on and it's bad for everyone
Business Insider: Tech 38 days ago

Programmers love Apple, dread Microsoft, and think Facebook is trendy
Business Insider: Tech 42 days ago

Apple Watch predicted to capture 50% market share in 2016
MacDailyNews 42 days ago

​Apple's hybrid cloud plan: Google, AWS, Microsoft Azure like most companies
ZDNet: Apple 42 days ago

Apple Works with Google, Microsoft, and Amazon in the Cloud – But It May Ditch Them All
Re/code 43 days ago

Microsoft announces Xbox Live cross-network support, could portend Xbox One-Apple device multiplayer
AppleInsider 45 days ago

Want to see what the future holds if Apple loses? Look no further than Microsoft
MacDailyNews 48 days ago

Microsoft Becomes #25 Most Shorted Dow Stock, Replacing Apple Market News 48 days ago

Google’s Chromecast widens lead over Apple TV in streaming device market share
MacDailyNews 50 days ago

Microsoft is beating Apple in a key battle for the future of computing (MSFT, AAPL, GOOG)
Business Insider: Tech 51 days ago

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