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Steve Jobs

Sony Reportedly Drops Out of Steve Jobs Biopic 7 hours ago

Sony Pictures drops Steve Jobs film
CNBC: Top News 11 hours ago

‘Fake Steve Jobs’ lands new gig as Silicon Valley’s sharpest tongue
Cult of Mac 14 hours ago

Sony Drops Sorkin’s Steve Jobs Biopic, Universal Grabs it in Turnaround
PadGadget 14 hours ago

Dan Lyons Used to be Fake Steve Jobs. Now He’s the Chief Valleywag.
Re/code 15 hours ago

Sony Pictures drops upcoming Sorkin-led Steve Jobs movie, Universal shows interest in taking over
O'Grady's PowerPage 16 hours ago

Sony Abandons Steve Jobs Pic, Shops Film to Other Studios
Re/code 17 hours ago

Sony drops Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs movie Sci-Tech 18 hours ago

Steve Jobs movie dead at Sony
The Loop 19 hours ago

Sony backs out of Steve Jobs movie, but don’t worry!
Cult of Mac 22 hours ago

Has Sony given up on a Steve Jobs movie? 1 day ago

Sony Pictures said to ditch Aaron Sorkin's biopic on Steve Jobs
CNET 1 day ago

New report claims Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic moving from Sony Pictures to Universal
9 to 5 Mac 1 day ago

Sony Has Dropped the Steve Jobs Movie With Michael Fassbender Top Arts Stories 1 day ago

Sony drops out of Steve Jobs movie, Universal rumored to take over
AppleInsider 1 day ago

Sony Drops Aaron Sorkin's Steve Jobs Movie, Universal May Take Over
MacRumors 1 day ago

Sony Drops Out Of Steve Jobs Movie
Business Insider: Tech 1 day ago

Here's Why Steve Jobs Dropped The First iPod Prototype Into An Aquarium To Prove A Point
Business Insider: Tech 2 days ago

Why Steve Jobs drowned the first iPod prototype
Cult of Mac 2 days ago

“What I learned from Steve Jobs”
The Loop 3 days ago

Steve Jobs’s daughter Lisa will be the “heroine” of Aaron Sorkin’s biopic
Cult of Mac 4 days ago

Aaron Sorkin parody proves he’s perfect for Steve Jobs movie
Cult of Mac 6 days ago

Tony Fadell might be the next Steve Jobs… just not in the way you’d want
Cult of Mac 6 days ago

What one entrepreneur learned from working for Steve Jobs
The Loop 8 days ago

Photographer Who Spent Three Years With Steve Jobs Explains How The Apple Founder Changed His Life
Business Insider: Tech 8 days ago

Everything we know about the upcoming Steve Jobs movie (updated)
iOS Central 13 days ago

Aaron Sorkin appears on Studio 1.0, discusses efforts going into Steve Jobs biopic
O'Grady's PowerPage 13 days ago

Aaron Sorkin Discusses Steve Jobs' Biopic in Recent Bloomberg Interview 14 days ago

Aaron Sorkin talks Steve Jobs biopic, provides more plot details in Bloomberg interview
9 to 5 Mac 14 days ago

Aaron Sorkin reveals details of Steve Jobs biopic, says he helped 'fix typos' in famous Stanford commencement speech
AppleInsider 14 days ago

Aaron Sorkin says Hollywood could make 10 more Steve Jobs movies
Cult of Mac 14 days ago

Alan Sorkin Discusses Steve Jobs Movies and the Pressures of Writing
MacRumors 14 days ago

Aaron Sorkin Says He Fixed Typos In Steve Jobs's Famous Stanford Speech (AAPL)
Business Insider: Tech 14 days ago

Russia dismantles Steve Jobs memorial after Apple CEO Tim Cook admits he's gay
Tech Times 15 days ago

With Christian Bale gone, Michael Fassbender might now play Steve Jobs 15 days ago

Steve Jobs “Deep Shit”
The Loop 15 days ago

Michael Fassbender to take on Steve Jobs role?
CNBC: Top News 15 days ago

Rare, Older Photos Of Steve Jobs Revealed From Photographer Who Watched Him Build NeXT After He Was Tossed From Apple
Business Insider: Tech 15 days ago

Dropbox CEO on turning down Steve Jobs Technology 15 days ago

Why Michael Fassbender Is the Perfect Choice to Play Steve Jobs Top Arts Stories 15 days ago

Steve Jobs' Former Ad Chief Says Apple's Marketing Has Become 'Soft' And 'Ordinary' (AAPL)
Business Insider: Tech 15 days ago

Michael Fassbender up for Steve Jobs role
Entertainment News: 15 days ago

Apple-1 sold by Steve Jobs goes up for auction at Christie's
the INQUIRER (UK) 15 days ago

Former Apple chief John Sculley tells Steve Jobs 'never forgave him'
The Register 15 days ago

Ex-Apple CEO John Sculley: 'Next Steve Jobs may well be a woman' 16 days ago

Apple-1 Computer Sold by Steve Jobs Is Up for Auction Business 16 days ago

Actor Michael Fassbender to Play Steve Jobs in Biopic?
Re/code 16 days ago

Michael Fassbender next high-profile actor eyed for role of Steve Jobs
AppleInsider 16 days ago

Michael Fassbender in talks to play Steve Jobs after Christian Bale bails
Cult of Mac 16 days ago

Michael Fassbender in Talks to Play Steve Jobs in Upcoming Sony Biopic
MacRumors 16 days ago

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