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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs: 'I never did it for the money'
CNBC: Top News 5 days ago

The surprising thing Elon Musk, Kanye West and Steve Jobs all have in common
CNBC: Top News 6 days ago

Tim Cook talks about Steve Jobs thinking differently, Apple product philosophy
AppleInsider 7 days ago

Tim Cook Reflects on Steve Jobs, Apple Watch Saving Lives, and Politics on The David Rubenstein Show
MacRumors 7 days ago

WWDC was all about software, just like it was when Steve Jobs ran the show
AppleInsider 8 days ago

Steve Jobs promised to make FaceTime open source. It's time - CNET
CNET 13 days ago

How Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Mark Cuban limited their kids' tech use
CNBC: Top News 15 days ago

At Apple, hardware is no longer king --- a big shift from the Steve Jobs era
CNBC: Top News 15 days ago

Apple's plan to give away most of its cash might have had an unlikely supporter: Steve Jobs (AAPL)
Business Insider: Tech 17 days ago

Former Apple CEO John Sculley: What I learned from Steve Jobs
The Loop 21 days ago

Here are all the ways Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes has imitated Steve Jobs over the years
Business Insider: Tech 24 days ago

Watch a recently rediscovered Steve Jobs lecture where he talks about leaving Apple and what he's learned about management (AAPL)
Business Insider: Tech 25 days ago

Apple's plan to give away most of its cash might have had an unlikely supporter: Steve Jobs (AAPL)
Business Insider: Tech 25 days ago

One trait helped both George Lucas and Steve Jobs succeed
CNBC: Top News 26 days ago

The Steve Jobs guide to manipulating people and getting what you want (AAPL)
Business Insider: Tech 28 days ago

Steve Jobs attributed his success to intuition --- here's how to use yours
CNBC: Top News 28 days ago

Here's why your computer has a mouse, according to Steve Jobs in 1985
CNBC: Top News 30 days ago

Steve Jobs and the bullet-hole T-shirt meeting
The Loop 30 days ago

The rapid-fire way Steve Jobs got employees to tell him what was wrong
Business Insider: Tech 34 days ago

Read this 1976 letter from a Silicon Valley exec that calls Steve Jobs 'flaky' and a 'joker'
CNBC: Top News 34 days ago

Steve Jobs speech from 1992 surfaces, talking about NeXT & Apple departure
AppleInsider 35 days ago

Apple's Greg Joswiak talks design, Steve Jobs as first Apple v. Samsung witness
AppleInsider 35 days ago

Steve Jobs changed the face of Apple and retail forever on May 15, 2001
AppleInsider 36 days ago

John Carmack reminisces about Steve Jobs
Insanely Great Mac 36 days ago

Steve Jobs anecdotes from pioneering game dev John Carmack
The Loop 36 days ago

Doom and Quake creator John Carmack tells the story of Steve Jobs asking him to delay his wedding
9 to 5 Mac 36 days ago

Legendary game developer John Carmack explained what Steve Jobs was really like: a hero/jerk 'roller coaster' (AAPL)
Business Insider: Tech 36 days ago

Doom creator John Carmack's thoughts on Steve Jobs are a must read - CNET
CNET 36 days ago

Doom Creator John Carmack Shares His Interactions With Steve Jobs
MacRumors 36 days ago

Tim Cook Duke commencement calls out to Steve Jobs, urges grads to think different
AppleInsider 38 days ago

Tim Cook encourages fearlessness, echoes Steve Jobs during Duke commencement
9 to 5 Mac 38 days ago

A Silicon Valley veteran who worked under Steve Jobs and Elon Musk has written a new book about what it’s like working with the most powerful people in tech
Business Insider: Tech 39 days ago

Steve Jobs learned this brilliant lesson about success as a teen, building a fence with his dad
CNBC: Top News 41 days ago

Apple Watch one of the first post-Steve Jobs products at Apple, says Jony Ive
AppleInsider 42 days ago

This brainstorming strategy helped Steve Jobs generate his most creative ideas
CNBC: Top News 43 days ago

Twenty years after Steve Jobs released the iMac, Apple's famous line of computers account for only a tenth its business (AAPL)
Business Insider: Tech 43 days ago

Steve Jobs made 3 AM phone calls to argue about Apple ads
Business Insider: Tech 44 days ago

Watch Steve Jobs launch the computer that put Apple on track to becoming the world's most valuable public company (AAPL)
Business Insider: Tech 44 days ago

20 Years of iMac: Steve Jobs iconic internet machine that courageously reinvented Apple
AppleInsider 45 days ago

Apple Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Steve Jobs Unveiling the iMac
MacRumors 45 days ago

∞ 20 years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the iMac
The Loop 45 days ago

∞ Steve Jobs introduces the original iMac
The Loop 45 days ago

Steve Jobs speaks passionately about return to Apple in 1997 interview
The Loop 51 days ago

Watch Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and other famous tech CEOs transform from children to adults in these creepy, mesmerizing animations (AAPL, MSFT, TSLA, FB)
Business Insider: Tech 54 days ago

Watch Steve Jobs passionately defend his commitment to Apple in 1997
CNBC: Top News 54 days ago

Alan Kay talks about meeting Steve Jobs and the 2007 iPhone keynote
The Loop 69 days ago

Steve Jobs had to convince Tim Cook to join Apple in 1998 — here’s how he did it
The Loop 71 days ago

This is the advice Apple CEO Tim Cook would give his younger self --- and it came from Steve Jobs
CNBC: Top News 75 days ago

Entrepreneur who started Odwalla with $200 shares the best business advice he got from Steve Jobs
CNBC: Top News 75 days ago

Jony Ive talks design, creativity, and Steve Jobs in interview with Naomi Campbell
AppleInsider 79 days ago

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